PREVIEW: Alternative Dubstep Orchestra @ Hare & Hounds, August 16th

ADO Logo

With more familiar faces than a Trafalgar Rd house party, Alternative Dubstep Orchestra (ADO) are back at the Hare & Hounds on Friday Aug 16th.

Describing themselves as ‘genre bending live dubstep’, and consisting of brass, strings, keys and vinyl, the rest of your clue is in the title. But made up of seasoned musicians and DJs, headed by vocalist Mish Maybe, whatever they actually play is probably worth listening to. Mish-Maybe-ADO

Returning to the place of their birth (ADO started out as resident band for The Honeycomb Club, an old H&H monthly), ADO are back in Birmingham following a lauded performance at the Mostly Jazz Festival.

And after being dotted around the 2013 festival circuit, recently back from The Secret Garden Party and Staycation, ADO continue their steady march around the UK and beyond – a musical war of attrition waged since their conception in Nov 2010.

Tom LivemoreWith a football squad of members, and some seemingly so good they name them twice (Mr Livemore’s evil twin?), ADO have a pretty impressive ensemble – many of whom side step other bands and projects to continue in the collective.

ADO’s debut vinyl was released in 2012/13 on Hero Records, featuring original tracks ‘Power’ and ‘Waterfall’; with various remixes of the later on the digital download, alongside a cover of Rusko’s ‘Cockney Thug’.

Birmingham Review first covered them in Nov 2012, when ADO fever sold out a pre-vinyl release party at the Hare & Hounds, and has subsequently heard an array of weird and wonderful ADO plans – some of which we’ve either missed or have not yet come to fruition.

But since when was working with a room full of people schedule friendly?

And considering the impression ADO left after their recent Mostly Jazz Festival show, alongside an arguably incongruous omission from the Shambala line up, Birmingham Review suspects Friday Aug 16th gig will be a busy ol’ affair too.

So that should keep us going… for now.

Alternative Dubstep Orchestra play at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath on Friday August 16th. For more on this gig, including tickets, visit

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