Night of the Moth: Kikimora returns to Moseley’s Babicabin on Saturday 23 March for facepainting and a special video premiere of Rosie Tee’s new single, ‘Night Creature’

Words by Ed King / Pics and artwork supplied by Kikimora

On Saturday 23 March, Kikimora will be holding their second event at The Yard in Moseley – the longstanding garden centre on Oxford Road that those crazy Kikimora kids have renamed Babicabin (which we think is possibly a smidge better name than The Yard… I mean, come on).

Tickets are priced at £8.50, not bad for a Saturday night out, and can be purchased here:

This time the event is called Night of the Moth – in part, because moths are a vibrant and mysterious creature that spreads their wings and declare their colours to the cosmos at night.

And in other parts, because their showing The Rebirth of Mothra – the 1996 Japanese kaiju film about a giant three-headed space dragon and a mother/son fighting family of super moths. Oh, and there will be facepainting. So, you know, something for all.

But the real reason is the premiere of Rosie Tee’s music video for her latest single, ‘Night Creature’, which is set for release on Monday 25 March – out on Kikimora Records, which was set up by Rosie Tee and Emily Doyle in 2023.

Kikimora are a new local imprint and collective of creatives who ‘are growing a fruitful community of artists and listeners’ and ‘produce enchanting events’. Which they are, and they do. They also really like mushrooms.

(Click here to read our interview with Rosie and Emily about Kikimora, conducted in Moseley Bog in October last year – and we apologise for the Exorcist-type photography… our DSLR had seen better days.)

We’ve had a sneak peak at the video for ‘Night Creature’ and it’s definitely worth checking out, and very much at home amongst avant garde arts and crafts and a battle to the death between mythical creatures. And as embarrassing as this is for people who write for a living, we’re struggling to properly describe it – although references to The Blair Witch Project, Daft Punk, Willy Wonka’s staff, and Peter Greenaway did appear in our draft copy.

But direct form the source, Kikimora describe the video for ‘Night Creature’ thus: “Filmed by our good friends Broaden in the grounds of an ex-garden centre, it’s equal parts Blair Witch and Mighty Boosh.

“Follow Rosie into a party in a remote forest. Creatures real and imagined scurry amongst the neon lights and pulsing synthesisers, all set to a bouncing bassline…”

So, we got the Blair Witch bit right. Probably a good idea to head over to The Yar… achem, Babicabin on Saturday to find a description for yourself. And if you get really stuck, there will be a Q&A with Rosie Tee, director George Webster, and producer Bryony Simcox after the screening.

Hyperbole and anecdotes aside, the last event at Babicabin, Moths of the Moon, was a real special treat – click here to see our coverage of it.

Kikimora pride themselves in creating events which are friendly, fun, and fantastically more creative than your standard night out. So, on our hearty recommendation, it would be a good idea to just go and embrace all that is (literally and figuratively) on the table. We are pretty sure you won’t regret it.

More to come on the releases from Kikimora too, as Rosie Tee’s album that features ‘Night Creature’ will be released in April.

In the meantime, because we’re not allowed to jump the gun and show you the video for ‘Night Creature’ – which you really should watch – here’s a clip of a giant moth tragically giving up her life to save her lava son… at least, we think that’s what’s going on. Enjoy.

Rebirth of Mothra (Mothra’s death)

Night of the Moth comes to the Babicabin/The Yard on Oxford Rd in Moseley on Saturday 23 March – with tickets priced at £8.50. For more information and link to online tickets visit:

For more on Kikimora visit or follow them on Instagram at