Minor Formula Presents Synchro City At The Kingsway 28/05/22

Writer Sannah Yousaf / Photographer Ewan Williamson

As soon as you enter The Kingsway you catch the good vibes. The room is filled with electric energy that rubs off on you straight away – from the vibrant colours to the families who had brought their children along – you get a sense that this event is all about community, local talent and (fingers-crossed) good music.

The first act is Marie, and she brings a soulful sound. Marie starts her performance with a cover of ‘No Love’ by Summer Walker and the audience engages instantly. Marie hits those high notes effortlessly, her impressive vocals showing the audience exactly the calibre of artists that they could expect to see on this sunny Saturday.

The second act, Ella More slows it down and puts us all in our feels. The songs in her set have everyone thinking about someone, whether that be an ex or a current lover, she definitely leaves us to our own ruminations. More’s tone is soothing to say the least, but the power in her voice leaves me a bit in awe.

R&B songstress Indigo Marshall is next in line to perform, and if you’re from Birmingham you should already know that she’ll be bringing it. Marshall performs songs from her latest EP The Fall but brings it back to her roots by performing some of her first ever songs like ‘Emotional’.

Her old songs mixed with her latest EP is the perfect mix of nostalgia and a sense of who she is now.

I continue to be a big fan of Indigo Marshall and Synchro City’s performances continue to be of high calibre as the night goes on.

Performances from Minor Formula’s very own Tychi and Patches have the entire crowd locked in. From the flow of the bars to the instrumental, the energy is insane. The whole crowd is on the dance floor taking it in and grooving by the end of their set.

Not to mention, they’re both dressed head-to-toe in Minor Formula representing their brand as well as their identity as both artists and entrepreneurs.

Rtkal and General Kaution bring their own sound to the stage which grips the audience right away. The stage presence Rtkal is unmatched and unlike anything I’ve seen before. To bring the performances to a close, Kaution and Rtkal join the stage together making every single person at The Kingsway dance.

Their joint flow is immaculate and they bounce off each other’s energy, catapulting their vibes into the eager crowd.

Synchro City finishes off with a set from DJ Jayo and everyone’s stays on the dancefloor for sometime.

This event at The Kingsway is just one example of communities coming together to support one another and have fun, which is something I definitely need to see more of in and around Brum.

For more from Minor Formula go to their website: www.minorformula.com

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