Looking back on International Women’s Day: Rosie Tee is Officially Brum’s Björk

Writer Emily Doyle / Photography Taylor Wright

Last month Rosie Tee headlined the Hare & Hounds International Women’s Day Celebration, with Support from Echo Juliet, Lara Jones and Japes. Rosie Tee, is in fact an international woman herself – her single ‘Anchors’ was written while living alone in Rotterdam. The track’s tinged with homesickness and longing, but that doesn’t make it any less of an avante-pop banger.

On record Rosie Tee is pensive, but live she’s all sequins and smiles. Her band, made up of Dan Cippico on bass, Kai Charenusy on drums and Piera Onacko are bathed in green light and above them hangs a web of silver tinsel. If you’ve been to a Rosie Tee show before you’ll know they always like to dress the stage with care.

The assemblage of keyboard stands that holds up the various synths and singular glockenspiel is wrapped in silver stretch fabric. Tee explains that this was once the “sea monster” from the ‘Anchors’ music video and that it’s survived a thorough soaking off the South Wales coast.

She’s not kidding. Watch the video for ‘Anchors’ by Rosie Tee below:

The sea is a common lyrical theme for Tee, a self-confessed “landlocked Brummie”. At the Hare & Hounds, the room is awash with her imagist lyrics, taking the attentive crowd from rainforests to windswept shores with the help of some field recordings and a robust, jazzy backbone.

Onacko brings the darkness from behind her monolith of synthesizers. It’s woozy and a little too warm as the crowd sway along to the crystalline rhythms of ‘Emerald’.

After the show I caught Tee and pushed her for a soundbite to go in this article. She tells me she’s not sure what to say, then pauses, and smiles coyly.

“Maybe there’s a remix EP in the pipeline full of remixes from some incredible female artists…”

Happy Belated International Women’s Day, indeed.

For more on Rosie Tee visit www.rosietee.uk