Jockstrap At Hare & Hounds With Support From Babymorocco 04/10/2022

Writer Beth Exley / Photographer Ewan Williamson

I’ve been looking forward to tonight for months. Jockstrap’s debut album, I Love You Jennifer B, has been my personal soundtrack since it came out in September. Every time I’ve been given control of the aux over summer, ‘Glasgow’ has been my go-to track.

I’m running a bit late due to an Uber mishap, and I miss the start of Babymorocco’s set. I’m gutted – I’ve recently become a bit of a fan. Luckily, I arrive just as he starts ‘LETS GO ZANTE’, a personal favourite, and I immediately want to dance.

Showing off some of his own impressive moves, Babymorocco’s set is pure fun and energy, getting the evening off to a wonderful start with his hyperpop, nightcore sound.

Hare and Hounds is full – it’s a sold-out show, and the crowd is pretty varied, speaking to the multifaceted appeal of Jockstrap’s output. The audience takes a little while to catch up with mine and Babymorocco’s dance moves, but I see more and more people swaying and getting into it as time goes on.

After Babymorocco’s set ends, I head to the bar to grab a beer. It seems like no time at all until London-based duo Jockstrap, made up of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, take to the stage silhouetted against the vibrant blue and purple lights.

Beginning with ’Jennifer B’, I’m struck by how clear and crisp Ellery’s vocals sound. I often find myself struggling to actually make out lyrics whilst listening to live music, but I’m not having that issue at all, speaking both to her talent and the venue’s great sound system.

Skye spends the night sitting surrounded by his equipment, whilst Ellery twirls and spins theatrically next to him. Inspired by her energy, I can’t help doing a bit of witchy arm-heavy dancing myself.

Ellery alternates between this dancing, and playing both her violin and acoustic guitar, adding some variety to their set. Skye’s production creates a dense and eclectic mish-mash of hypnotic, experimental sound that provides the perfect backdrop to Ellery’s vocals.

‘Glasgow’ comes quite early in the set and the crowd are singing along and dancing throughout. It’s followed by ‘Debra,’ another favourite of mine from the album which they perform beautifully.

The show is coming to an end and I hear “Ahh, ayy, ooh, eee, ahh” ring out from the stage, a ripple of excitement seems to pass through the crowd as the final track, ‘50/50’, begins.

It’s clear everyone has been waiting to hear this one. I am not disappointed as the clubby and intense song fills the room, giving us one final chance to move.

As the lights come on, I am filled with joy – it’s always an amazing feeling when a show you’ve been so looking forward to meets and exceeds your expectations.

The music Jockstrap are creating feels so exciting and fresh, I can’t wait to see them again at some point in the future.

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