Future Days – Alternative Music Festival Back At The Crossing On 15 October

Words by Ed King / Promo artwork by Lewes Herriot

On Saturday 15 October, Future Days comes back to The Crossing in Digbeth – for a one day festival of ‘the finest alternative, punk and experimental music in the U.K.’

A bold statement… but as it’s programmed by This Is Trmw – who have been keeping Birmingham’s music scene on the right side of credible for about a decade – it’s probably a fair one.

And with a line up that got more fight in it than a Tyson Fury/Wolverine love child (it could happen) we feel confident enough to put it in writing.

Plus, the inaugural Future Days back in February this year was such a success the powers that promoter powers that be decided to squeeze another one in before New Year – stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Michael Eavis. Er… no pun intended.

Doors for Future Days open on Saturday at The Crossing from 3pm, as there’s quite a smorgasbord to fit in. So, get there early, build yourself a noise nest, and settle in.

And continuing the avian metaphors… all the ‘Early Bird’ tickets have long since gone, clue is in the name, but you can still get your middle digits on a standard ticket for only £22.50. That works out at £2.50 per band, which considering the line up below is not to be sniffed at.

So, finger click here and skidaddle over to Skiddle to get one before they well deservedly sell out.

There’s also an official after party at Ruin, if your home doesn’t have a deluge of punk bands and a fully stocked bar in it to go back to – with doors opening at 9m and DJ sets from Total Luck and Brian Food.

Check out below for the full line up and some talking pictures of some of the bold, bright, and beautifully loud bands coming to the Future Days stages this Saturday. Enjoy.

Main Stage:

Gilla Band (formerly Girl Band), Porridge Radio, Traams, The Lounge Society, Sinead O’Brien

Weird On Purpose Stage:

Black Mekon, KEG, Spits Milk, Brian Lightning, Wiiince


‘Backwash’ – Gilla Band

‘The Rip’ – Porridge Radio

‘Like Culture’ – Sinead O’Brien

‘Mean Drunk/Still a Drunk’ – Black Mekon


‘Kids’ – KEG

For more on Future Days click here to visit the official event Facebook page.

Or if you’re already committed to committing, then click here for tickets direct from Skiddle.