EP: ½ – Miccoli

EP: ½ - Miccoli

Words by Ed King / Pics from AFA Records

Pronounced ‘half’, on Friday 12th May Miccoli release their ½ EP through AFA Records – five tracks of solid and somewhat indefinable alternative-pop-indie-soul-generally good music. There isn’t an HMV shelf long enough.

Coming from Halesowen (a quick civic cheer) Miccoli are three siblings: twin brothers Adriano and Alessando, with their sister Francesca. Not really that important to their music but if you ever get invited round for dinner…

Miccoli had been ‘hotly tipped’ some years ago, but due to a nasty case of nearly dying on stage they had to embrace a hiatus and, you know, live. Five years later and the family are back, with some extremely slick looking and sounding material to make up for lost time. Seriously, my first question was which ‘Birmingham’ do you think we ‘Review’ – not that Alabama is the bastion of urban chic, but Miccoli do not present like your usual Midlands music act. They recorded in ‘off the coast of Malaysia’ for Christ’s sake; Robannas, Rich Bitch, Muthers… you get where I’m going with this.

So, polished, belt and braces; check. But are Miccoli any good. Yes. Reassuringly so. Their single ‘Lights’, which was given away in an act of generosity and publicity earlier in May, is a good introduction. Beautifully restrained, a hint of staccato, comfortable addiction behind the melody, the brothers’ lead vocals coated in Francesca’s harmonies; it’s the kind of song you’d pack your life into a car to, and then listen to on repeat until you’ve reached the ocean. Mental note – I must stop doing that. But it works. Then it works again, and again, and again…

EP: ½ - Miccoli ‘Idle Stranger’, the EP’s opening track, was the first to be released back in March and may be more your preference. It’s not mine, but it packs a similar punch to ‘Lights’.

Track Two, ‘Undo’, is a variation on a theme, then comes the EP closer – ‘Devices’. A soft goodbye to a new sound; remember the first time you heard an XX track, and it crept into your brain, made a nest in the neural pathways, then dug in with squatter’s rights that would make a Bristol Uni student blush. Yeah, save some cerebral cortex ‘cos it’s happening again.

Miccoli’s ½ EP is out from 12th May – with a curious selection of tour dates, focusing on America as opposed to the UK. But starting in Liverpool. A schedule that’s slightly unfortunate for this acerbic pen because the Achilles heel will be the live performance. As a wise man once said, when you sound that polished on a CD (they sent out a physical copy, result) it could mean you’re going to suck balls live.

Which, unless I’m prepared to travel to The Viper Room (oh yes, this band mean business) I’m not likely to find out anytime soon. Still there’s probably an album waiting in the wings to distract us. I get the feeling, with Miccoli, after an unscheduled stop in their trajectory, there’s a plan in place.  To be continued…

‘Lights’ – Miccoli

On Friday 12th May, Miccoli release their ½ EP through AFA Records. For more on Miccoli, including full tour details and online purchases, visit www.miccoli.co.uk