Czafari. Releases New Alt-Indie Track ‘Make-Up’ On 22 August

Writer Jasmine Khan / Photographer Tyra-Elise Harris/ Artwork Lily Longringg

Singer-Songwriter (and DJ) Czafari., 24, is a local, up and coming, alternative soul musician, hailing from Tipton in the West Midlands.

Although she put out her first EP Human Legitimation in 2016, I’ve only been following Czafari. since 2021 when she released ‘Your Biggest Fan’ after the birth of her first child.

The song was a melting pot of different sounds and emotions all dedicated to her baby daughter. It was touching but also a proper groove with unexpected flamenco vibes, as well as mellow RnB energy. Which means I’ve keenly kept up with Czafari and her growing sonic talent ever since.

Czafari. released ‘Make Up’ on 22 August ahead of her upcoming ‘project’, which I’m praying is a long awaited second EP. It’s got more of an alternative indie sound than I’m used to hearing from Czafari. but it’s still got an RnB undertone so it fits nicely with the rest of her music.

‘Make Up’ immediately feels like a catchy tune as do many of Czafari.’s tracks because of their pop elements. The gliding harmonic piano chords melt into one another backed by a repetitive snare and creative percussion, my head bops along with the song’s tight tempo.

‘Make Up’ is an interesting title and I’m curious about where Czafari.’s sweet but purposeful vocals will take us as the song progresses. As I’m listening to the first verse, it feels like I’ve entered a kind of dreamscape. I’m walking through one of Brum’s many green parks, the sun beating down joyfully on my face whilst I try to shake a layer of insecurity that’s refusing to budge.

My insecurity isn’t physical, it’s emotional and it’s probably got something to do with a boy. But my make-up is fresh, I’m having a hot girl walk, and it’s definitely taking the edge off.

Czafari.’s insightful lyrics capture that oh so feminine salvation of makeup and self-care. It’s not about looking better on the outside, although that can be part of it sometimes. It’s about reviving yourself, making yourself anew, and having the opportunity to play.

“Nothing’s quite like a bit of make-up” when it comes to a little pick-me-up.

It’s not difficult to see where Czafari.’s influences come into play on this track: Arlo Park, Mahalia, Joy Crooks. There are some musical elements, both in terms of vocals and the tracks production, which have made an impact both vocally and in terms of the tracks production.

But there’s also something different about the way these artists present women’s lives and experiences through their music. And Czafari.’s captured that too.

Makeup itself isn’t the main thing that dwindles personal insecurities – it’s the behaviour surrounding makeup that adds to a culture of femininity which supports people when they feel down. Got a problem? Go talk it out with the girls. They’ll do your makeup, maybe you can do theirs. You’ll all tell each other that you are pretty, you’re capable, and in Czafari.’s own words: “without a doubt you’ve got this.”

“Even in the saddest weather, you’ll be feeling a little bit better.”

So, if your day needs some umph, pop over to Spotify and put on Czafari.,’s ‘Make Up’, it’ll make your day a little bit brighter.

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