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Under Mountains

ALBUM: Under Mountains – Rachel Sermanni

I found Rachel Sermanni during Fin Greenall’s recent Perfect Darkness tour; the Scottish singer songwriter had been supporting Fink across Europe. I didn’t see her perform, it was another dark haired songstress at the Birmingham gig, but after Google searching my curiosity I found a bevy of online broadcasts. Hhmmm, ‘Breathe Easy’… alright, let’s give […]

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ALBUM: Delilah – ‘From the Roots Up’

By Ed King The danger of waiting for something is unmet expectation. And the longer you wait, the bigger the let down. Delilah’s debut album had been scheduled for release twice (by my counting), before its final issue date of July 30th, and felt frustratingly late. Thankfully it’s brilliant; with the realistic ups and downs […]

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ALBUM: The Dark Red Room / David Austin Grey & Greyish Quartet

Ed’s Note The Dark Red Room is the first studio album from David Austin Grey, the Birmingham based pianist and composer. Written and arranged for Greyish Quartet; DAG’s four piece ensemble, this 14 track debut ‘explore(s) the creative possibilities which may present themselves where music attempts to reflect photography, film & cinematography, and vice versa […]

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ALBUM: ‘Strangeland’ / Keane

Words by Cesilia Oriana Trecaquista Keane’s latest release,  ‘Strangeland’ – the fourth studio album from the British quartet, achieves its goal of being less production led, reverting back to the songwriting and keyboard dominance that made their first and second albums; ‘Hope and Fears’ and ‘Under the Iron Sea’, so successful. ‘Strangeland’ is pleasant enough; […]

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RELEASE: ‘Moonchild’ / Charlene Soraia

Words by Ed King The phrase ‘graduated from the BRIT school’ usually sends me running for darkness; hiding from an army of egos ‘including classmates Adele, Jessie J, Katy B…’ Charlene Soraia graduated from the BRIT School, and despite lacking; GCSE Music, a Grime remix, dyed hair or an acronym, she released her debut album […]

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