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INTERVIEW: Rosie Kay / Brian Slater


    Words by Helen Knott / Profile pic by Tim Cross, production shots by Brian J Slater  When I catch up with Rosie Kay – artistic director and choreographer of Birmingham-based Rosie Kay Dance Company (RKDC) – it’s January and she is in the middle of running through her new show MK ULTRA. Patiently explaining the […]

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INTERVIEW: Rews  / Paul Reynolds © Birmingham Review


    Words by Ed King / Pics by Paul Reynolds “Like a little Tequila worm that crawls in, gets drunk, and stays in there forever.” Is that them..? No. The problem with meeting strangers is you don’t know what they look like. I’ve sifted through Rews’ website, seen promo pics, videos and alternating styles, […]

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Wolf People @ Sunflower Lounge 24.11.16

INTERVIEW: Wolf People

    Words by Billy Beale As 2016 draws to a close, the future looks pretty bleak. One album chooses to look back to the past for its inspiration. That album is Ruins, the latest record from folk rock academics Wolf People, who kindly managed to squeeze us in for a chat when they came […]

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INTERVIEW: Bob Jackson – Badfinger

Badfinger play at The Core Theatre in Solihull on Friday 28th October. For direct info & ticket sales, click here. Words by Michelle Martin I’m hooked on a feeling. No, not ‘Blue Swede’. An emotion that dreams of a different life. What would the planet be like had we chosen an altered path, made alternative […]

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YR Welcmome 3 @ Wagon & Horses / Sat 13th, Sun 14th August

INTERVIEW: Ghosts of Dead Airplanes / Die Das Der – Yr Welcome 3 @ Wagon & Horses 13-14.08

Words by Tony Appleby / Gig pis by Rob Hadley (Indie Images) Yr Welcome 3 takes place on 13th & 14th August at the Wagon & Horses in Digbeth. Tickets are £10 for the weekend or £7.50 for a day pass. For direct event info, including online ticket sales, click here. Greg Smith, guitarist from Ghosts […]

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