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INTERVIEW: Harley Davies – founder of Beta Birmingham

One of the good things about music journalism is being sent new music for free. From bootlegs and demos, to albums and EPs; raw home spun productions that you may otherwise never hear. One of the better things is when these independent releases turn out to be good. Or really good. So good that you […]

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Itch, is ‘releasing free tracks and videos over the coming months’. First up is ‘Spooky Kids’ – a Daily Mail baiting attack on the preconceptions about today’s youth. Tough, raw and perhaps and aggressively self defeating – check it out here: ‘Spooky Kids’ – Itch (click here) Recently signed to Red Bull Records, Itch was […]

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INTERVIEW: Nerina Pallot

Words/Interview by Ed King / Photography by Katja Ogrin Nerina Pallot closed her seven date UK tour last Sunday, playing her final show at The Glee Club in Birmingham. On the road throughout February, Pallot has been touring her latest EP; the appropriately (for some) titled ‘Lonely Valentine Club’. With four original new tracks, plus […]

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The Staves

INTERVIEW: Camilla Staveley-Taylor, from The Staves

Birmingham Review first saw The Staves in April this year, playing at The Glee Club, and have kept them hovering on radar ever since. With pitch perfect harmonies, the Staveley-Taylor sisters ‘have been singing for as long as any of us can remember’; and now have a firm footing in the UK’s folk revival. Playing […]

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INTERVIEW: Ben Lewis, ‘Who Do You Love – The King Adora Story’

Interview by Ed King Cast your mind back to the heyday of Brum’s Indie scene; The Hummingbird, Plastic Factory, Doc Martins from the Rag. And of course, The Jug of Ale. But floating out of the flotsam and jetsam rose King Adora; you remember, pouty-face-big-hair? No? Well you should if you were old or sober […]

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