BPREVIEW: The Rin Tins @ Swingamajig 2016 – Rainbow Venues 01.05.16

The Rin Tins

Words by Ed King

2 days to go…

Main with web colour bcg - lrOne of my introductions to this thing they call swing, in an electro sense of course, were The Rin Tins. I first saw them at the Hot Club De SwingSwingamajig Warm Up last year, at the Hare & Hounds, when I had been drafted in to cover a rouge photographer who was too busy sleeping.

Yet despite my gigs shots from that night never making it into the wide world of the web, I was suitably impressed with the style, fervor and musicianship of this Bristol based sextet – keeping them in sight if not online ever since. Fetch my braces Marjorie, I feel a Charleston coming on.

swingamajigComprised of three guitarists, a drummer, a pianist, and a saxophonist/clarinetist/youth liaison officer, The Rin Tins are a tight ensemble – with a stage show that combines humour, narrative and a healthy medley of style and song.

They look and sound the part, then change the part, then look and sound the part again – all whilst being quite absurdly talented and entertaining. And I’m a cynic by default; Breaking Bad was a terrible series.

But I guess that’s to be expected from the ‘definable Bristolian party band’ who have been honing their sets across stages, pubs and green field sites since 2011 – when The Rin Tins became The Rin Tins.I'm the One EP - The Rin Tins

And Birmingham will get to see them in action again too, as The Rin Tins return to Swingamajg – playing The Arch Stage at 18:45.

Just about the time you want a cheeky chai, a mouth full of samosa (available from the Birmingham Review Chai Stall… plug, plug) a sneaky a snifter of rum and a bloody good knees up. And when you’re staring into the Bank Holiday abyss of well dressed debauchery, The Rin Tins wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

But in the interests of integrity don’t just take my word for it; have a stop, look and listen to The Rin Tins at Swingamajig 2015 – once again playing underneath the arches. Viddy, as always, below:

‘Donde Esta el Cartero?’ / The Rin Tins @ Swingamajig 2015

And if you need some more homework check out The Rin Tins‘ I’m the One EP, available for an internal haggle through the band’s Bandcamp page – click here.

Or simply shake your shimmy along to Swingamajig’s Arch Stage on Sunday evening… we’ll see you down front.

Other acts appearing at on The Arch Stage are Dark Circus (15:00), Manushka (16:04), The After Hours Quintet (17:25), Gypsies of Bohemia (20:05), Barbarella’s Bang Bang (21:30) + KOG and Zongo Brigade (23:00)  

Swingamajig 2016 comes the Rainbow Venues in Digbeth on May 1st – running form 2pm until 6am. Tickets are priced at £22/£25/£30.

For the full Swingamagig line up, alongside everything else you need to know about the festival – including online tickets, visit http://swingamajig.co.uk/


For more on The Rin Tins, visit http://www.therintins.com/

For more on Rainbow Venues, visit http://therainbowvenues.co.uk/

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