BPREVIEW: The Garden + The Parrots @ Hare & Hounds, 28.08

14054201_946347345474602_5516814521916213764_nWords by Ed King

On Sunday 28th August, local promoters Killer Wave and This Is Tmrw join forces for an ‘all dayer’ live music event at the Hare & Hounds (Kings Heath) – with The Garden + The Parrots sharing the headline.Birmingham Preview

Elsewhere on the bill are Table Scraps, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, The Terror Watts, Mothers Earth Experiment – with DJ sets from Terror Twins, Killer Wave + This Is Tmrw.

Doors open 5pm (so, an ‘all afternooner..?’) with advance tickets at £10 – which as far as Bank Holiday Sundays go, and considering the line up, is pretty bloody reasonable. For direct gig info & online ticket sales, click here.

The Garden are a self described ‘constantly evolving’ rock band from Orange County – currently touring the globe, coming to the Hare & Hounds on the third date around the UK (with two more in Southern Ireland).

Never dull, never pigeonholed, The Garden’s 2013 debut LP, the gloriously titled Life and Times of a Paperclip, is 16 track DIY extravaganza chocked full of 90sec garage band sonic booms – with their latest, and eponymous, LP losing none of the raw punches but stepping up the vocal leads and production value.

The Garden’s latest release, ‘Call This # Now’, begins (and ends) with what would probably happen if the black box from Event Horizon released an accompanying soundtrack, before jumping to a funky looped production and summer mish mash. It’s great fun, absurdly catchy, and has the occasional swear word. Sold. So what to expect on stage is anyone’s guess, but I reckon it’ll be a fun way to spend your Sunday.

But don’t take our words for it, click below and work it out for yourselves.

‘Call This # Now’ – The Garden

Sharing the Sunday top slot are Spanish three piece, The Parrots.  And whilst we’re describing bands by metaphor, The Parrots are The Velvet Underground on a prolonged holiday after stealing Cliff’s double decker and driving over Lemmy’s foot. Well it makes sense to me.

Anyway… The Parrots are also globetrotting, coming to Birmingham on the second stop of their five UK dates – on the road to promote their debut LP, the also gloriously titled Los Niños Sin Miedo (Children Without Fear). Out on Heavenly Recordings from 26th August, Los Niños Sin Miedo is 10 track garage fest of summer strained awesomeness, thrown in your face from a recklessly moving vehicle whilst spanking your rear. HUGE fun.

The album’s lead single, the… titled ‘Jame Gumb’ (if you were born in the 90’s +, Google it) is a two and a half minute meander into a tripped out soundscape that should give you a taste of the other nine tracks that sandwich it.

But again, we could be talking trite sh*te for all anyone would know. Stop, look and listen for yourself – click below.

‘Jame Gumb’ – The Parrots

The rest of the Sunday service comes from a healthy array of Birmingham bands that would be worth a cover charge on their own.

But here’s a list, with some helpful URL links if you’re feeling click happy: Table Scraps, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, The Terror Watts, Mothers Earth Experiment.

Phew… I’m off for a lie down. Wake me up on Sunday would you.

Killer Wave and This Is Tmrw present The Garden + The Parrots, with support from Table Scraps, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, The Terror Watts, Mothers Earth Experiment at the Hare & Hound on Sunday 28th August. For direct gig info & online ticket sales, click here.


For more on The Garden, visit www.thegardenvadavada.com

For more from The Parrots, visit www.facebook.com/theparrots1


For more from Killer Wave, visit www.facebook.com/kllrwv

For More from This Is Tmrw, visit www.thisistmrw.co.uk

For more from the Hare & Hounds (Kings Heath), visit www.hareandhoundskingsheath.co.uk

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