BPREVIEW: Sic’Nis + Midnight Magpie, Karl Monroe @ Hare & Hounds, 5th June ‘15

Birds-of-Paradise-present-Sic'NisBirds of Paradise bring their music showcase back to the Hare & Hounds, presenting Sic’Nis on Friday 5th June – with live support from Midnight Magpie & Karl Monroe, plus Will Itsasecret (DJ).Main-with-web-colour-bcg---lr

Doors open at 8:30pm with entrance at £3 – for further info & online tickets, click here

Sic’Nis is somewhat of a stalwart on the Birmingham scene; tough, together and dedicated to her music, there are much worse role models for the women of this city. And the men, for that matter.

An acronym for ‘Succeeding Impossible Circumstances Needs Impossible Strength’, Sic’Nis has been a testament to her name – involving herself deeply in the local scene, through her own music and promoting others though city based & Internet radio shows.

Recognised by her melodic Hip-Hop flow, Dancehall/Soul vocals, alongside considered and socially astute lyrics, Sic’Nis first came to Birmingham Review’s attention at The Flyover Show 2012.Promos---sicnis-2,-lr

Her debut EP, The Prequel, had been released the previous year (featuring the bass heavy ‘B C Heavy’ underground hit) and the young artist from Handsworth was a proud face of both the area and the Soweto Kinch founded event.

Featuring as lyricist on various subsequent projects, including Juice String & Jeremy Sylvester’s ‘A Wah Do Dem’ in 2012 and Alaska MC’s ‘What You Want’ in 2013, Sic’Nis also went on to build an increasing reputation for her live shows – earning support spots with acts including Ghostface Killah and Akala.

In 2014, Sic’Nis released her ‘Where I Stand’ single, featuring fellow Birmingham artist/vocalist Adante.

‘Where I Stand’ – Sic’Nis, featuring Adante


Having previously supported Antelope at the last Birds of Paradise showcase, Sic’Nis will be joined by a full band for her returning, headline set.

Birds of Paradise present Sic’Nis + Midnight Magpie, Karl Monroe, Will Itsasecret at the Hare & Hounds (Kings Heath) on Friday 5th June. For further gig info & tickets, visit http://hareandhoundskingsheath.co.uk/event-listings/event/?eventID=10036573

For more from Sic’Nis, visit http://www.sicnis.com/

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