BPREVIEW: Rews @ The Flapper 15.02.17

BPREVIEW: Rews @ The Flapper 15.02.17

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Words by Ed King

On Wednesday 15th February, Rews perform at The Flapper – with support from MUTT + Ember Weir.Birm_Prev-logo-MAIN

Doors open at 7:30pm with tickets price at £6 (advance), as presented by Birmingham Promoters. For direct gig info, including online tickets sales, click here.

I’ve never fully landed what ‘sassy’ means, lying somewhere in my mind between a film noir femme fatale and a patronised Pankhurst. Apparently Rews are sassy, and if I was writing their press release I’d probably land on some 50cent word or another. But for the benefit of this introduction I’m going to borrow five words from online magazine Ceol Caint – ‘this is really fucking good’.

The bastard child of ‘songstress Shauna Tohill and vocalising beat-rocker Collette Williams’, Rews have a defiant edge. It’s certainly ‘high energy’ and definitely ‘infectious’, or as Joe Donnelly put next to their name ‘if you’re not instantly foot-tapping then you must be clinically dead’.

BPREVIEW: Rews @ The Flapper 15.02.17Other words that can get banded around band town (often with nothing but wishful thinking behind them) are ‘one to watch’, and Rews have been given this citation more than once. But with an impressive list of festival appearances and on air endorsements to back up the claim, this might well be true. And it certainly looks like Rews haven’t finished yet. Plus the thought of seeing what will come off stage at The Flapper, a fervent venue known for live music, is a suitable punt for a sub-tenner ticket price. So Rews are one to watch until Thursday at least.

But there’s a useful thing about bands, their music. It kind of cuts through the hyperbole, rhetoric, loaded opinion or sponsored content. And to be honest I was switching off from Rews until I clicked on the link to their latest single, ‘Miss You in the Dark’ – which is, to me, not even their best. But fuck me sideways with a cucumber sandwich; Rews
punk-pop-gritted-smile-velvet-glove-punch is… well, refer back to the Ceol Caint appraisal I reckon.

There’s an easier way to do this too…

‘Miss You in the Dark’ – Rews


Rews performs at The Flapper on Wednesday 15th February, as presented Birmingham Promoters. For direct gig info and online tickets sales, click here.


For more on Rews, visit www.rewsmusic1.wordpress.com

For more from The Flapper, including full event listing and online ticket sales, visit www.theflapper.co.uk

For more from Birmingham Promoters, visit www.birminghampromoters.com

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