BPREVIEW: Primal Scream @ O2 Institute 04.12.16

Primal Scream @ O2 Institute 04.12.16



Words by Ed King

On Sunday 4th December, Primal Scream perform at the O2 Institute. Just let that sink in…

Doors open at 7pm with an 11pm curfew. Tickets are priced at £30.25 (+booking fee) as presented by SJM Concerts. For direct gig info and online ticket sales, click here.Birmingham Preview

With arguably the best name and most fractured career path of any 90’s Indie band, Primal Scream are a corner stone of modern rock. Alongside other Madchester contemporaries, this shoegaze-bluesy-rock-dance-hybrid from Glasgow would become synonymous (and still are) with the crest of the UK Indie scene.

Swinging and missing until the release of Screamadelica in 1991, their second album on another important Indie foundation block – Creation Records, it was the meeting of musical minds from rock and dance that would establish Primal Scream on a serious level. Introduced to Alex Patterson, Thomas Fehlamann, Jimmy Miller and Andrew Weatherall, the cross genre production team took Primal Scream into uncharted territory – fusing their raw rock edge and flower power indulgence with pristine dance euphoria. Brave, bold, and fuck me it worked.

Lead single, ‘Loaded’, charted at No16 in the UK Singles Chart – whilst subsequent singles, ‘Come Together’, ‘Higher than the Sun’ and ‘Movin on Up’ have outlived their peers like a reinforced cockroach with an assault rifle. Screamadelica would also be the winner of the inaugural Mercury Music Award in 1992 – beating Young Disciples, chaosmosisJesus and the Mary Chain, U2, and (mercifully) Simply Red.

Over the next 15 years, Primal Scream would go on to release a further eight studio albums, giving them a more expansive portfolio than their recorded/released peers with an LP grand total of 11. Alongside extensive touring on both sides of the pond and beyond, the boys (and occasional girl – Simone Butler has been in the lineup since Mani’s departure) stayed busy.

Plus the hop scotching of genres and approaches would piss of the fad following music press off no end, encouraging almost schizophrenic commentary from the NME – including a colourful one line summary of the 1994 Give Out But Don’t Give Up. ‘This record was about as innovative as shitting in a ditch.’ Nice.

Primal Scream are now back on the road with studio album No 11, Chaosmosis – released to the world via the band’s own imprint, First International (via Ignition Records), in March this year. Check out the latest single from Chaosmosis below.

‘100% or Nothing’ – Primal Scream

Primal Scream perform at the O2 Institute (B’ham) on Sunday 4th December – as presented by SJM Concerts. For direct gig info and online ticket sales, click here.


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