BPREVIEW: Peaness @ The Sunflower Lounge 13.03.17



Words by Ed King / Lead pic courtesy of Alcopop!, No Fun artwork by Sara Thielker 

On Monday 13th March, Peaness perform at The Sunflower Lounge – with support from Mondo Royale + Maybe Don’t. Peaness come to Birmingham for the penultimate gig on their national tour, before their Chester homecoming show on 23rd March.

Doors open at 7:30 with tickets priced at £6adv, as presented by Counteract. For direct gig info, including venue details and online tickets sales, click here.

Formed at the tail end of 2014, Peaness ‘started messing around, writing and practicing, bedroom style’ before getting onto the live circuit in July the following year. Penning their self described ‘pea pop’, Peaness released their No Fun EP in 2015 – a four track debut of ‘three-minute melodic pop songs’, running no more than 15minutes start to finish. So FM friendly you could… hang on, what’s their name again?

But as the joke snowballed like some kind of sphere made of frozen water, demand for Peaness grew. Now there’s a sentence that works better written down… A slew of festival gigs, media attention (including some healthly radio plugging) and distribution deals pushed them further into the limelight, before the Chester based three piece signed to Alcopop! Records.

The following is a suitably effusive/supportive statement from Alcopop! Records about signing Peaness – to read the full press release, click here:

Alcopop! Records overlord Jack Clothier enthuses: “To put it frankly, Peaness are pretty much THE best band I’ve heard in the last few months – and working with them already has been a total joy! They’ve achieved stacks already, and we’re really excited to get on board and help out. The EP hasn’t left my head for weeks. It’s infectious, brilliant, DIY-influenced indie-pop genius, if you ask me – which you probably didn’t.”

Peaness also had their latest double A-side single, ‘Same Place’/‘Seafoam Islands’, released on 27th January via Odd Box Records, with their previous ‘Oh George’ making its way onto various BBC playlists (and possibly the back benches).

There was even an international release of two tracks from debut EP via the Vancouver based Kingfisher Bluez label, sending their ‘I’m Not Your Problem / Fortune Favours the Bold’ double a-side out across the northern colonies and digital record stores.

Peaness have further announced plans to release their follow up EP – Are You Sure? – through Alcopop! Records later this year.

‘Summer Song’ / Peaness

Peaness perform at The Sunflower Lounge on Monday 13th March, with support from Mondo Royale + Maybe Don’t – as presented Counteract. For direct gig info and online tickets sales, click here.

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