BPREVIEW: Leviathan @ mac 24.02.17

BPREVIEW: Leviathan @ mac 17-18.03.17 / Steve Tanner

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Words by Lucy Mounfield / Pics by Steve Tanner

James Wilton Dance presents Leviathan, coming to mac on Friday 24th February. Birm_Prev-logo-MAIN

Doors open at 8pm with tickets priced at £14 (£12 concessions). For direct info, including venue details and online ticket sales, click here.

The long-unanswered question that all choreographers strive to fulfil: can a story be told through the medium of dance? It is hard enough to create a brand-new narrative for the stage, but it is even harder to adapt one of the greatest novels of all time. James Wilton Dance has done just that, re-imaging the seminal novel by Hermann Melville, Moby Dick.

BPREVIEW: Leviathan @ mac 17-18.03.17 / Steve TannerThis American epic is long held as a stage must, although history has told us that most theatrical adaptations of this story have failed to stay on the stage for very long. However, Leviathan has been cited as the multi-award winning choreographer’s ‘best production to date’ by The Reviews Hub, with The Stage calling it a viscerally exciting’ production from ‘extraordinary’ dancers.

Reporting on James Wilton Dance’s previous production, Last Man Standing, critic Robert Beale has previously celebrated the company for its ‘breathtaking virtuosity and split-second synchronisation’whilst stating ‘the world’s best classical companies rarely approach this level of physical discipline.’ No doubt, hopes are Leviathan will be of equal merit.

James Wilton is the lead choreographer and artistic director of his eponymous dance company, which he started after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School in 2009. Since then the company has gone on to create five theatre based works and five outdoor works, which have toured to South Korea, China, the USA, Dubai, India and Europe.

Wilton‘s choreography combines contemporary dance with athletic bravura, which has previously lent itself to small intense pieces. Leviathan, however, takes on a larger narrative – exploring themes such as Man vs. Nature, ambition, psychological control and self destruction.

For Leviathan, James Wilton will take the lead role of Captain Ahab himself – a man determined to capture the legendary white whale. Ahab’s crew, featuring a cast of six dancers, will traverse the dangerous sea the whale inhabits using Wilton‘s trademark verve and style, mixing a ‘blend of athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and partner-work’. These athletic and highly energised movements will be accompanied by a progressive rock soundtrack by Lunatic Soul.

Leviathan – James Wilton Dance

James Wilton Dance presents Leviathan, coming to mac on Friday 24th February. For direct event info, including venue details and online tickets sales, click here.mac


For more on James Wilton Dance, visit www.jameswiltondance.org.uk

For more from mac, including full event listing and online ticket sales, visit www.macbirmingham.co.uk

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