BPREVIEW: Found Footage Festival / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me @ The Electric, 22nd Apr ‘15

Main with web colour bcg - lrOscar Levant once said “there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” But The Electric Cinema are bringing back the grey area with a double screening on Wednesday 22nd April.

On Screen One (9pm) / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

On Screen Two (8:30pm) / The Found Footage Festival’s Salute to Weirdos

Bit of a coin toss, but both screenings merit some attention. For a further introduction see the indiviual profiles below.

FWWM_US_posterTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks was the phenomenally successful David Lynch/Mark Frost TV series, first shown in April 1990, that tells the discovery (and subsequent investigation) of a dead local girl Laura Palmer.

Set in the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks, the series dissected the white picket fence nightmares that lurk behind the seeming status quo of rural, white North America – as the history of abuse, that surrounded the apocryphal girl-next-door, unfolds.

Told in Lynch’s inimitable voice, with the mundane and routine getting a strychnine gloss, Twin Peaks created as many questions as it hid answers – with Fire Walk with Me retrospectively offered as the ‘last seven days’ of Laura Palmer and an attempt at conclusion. Regardless, the story and the storyteller are a ferocious balance of sinister and intelligence; Fire Walk with Me is a certainty for anyone hooked into the original TV series.

Click the link below to watch the official Fire Walk with Me trailer:

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me – official trailer



Found Footage Festival’s Salute to Weirdos

The Found Footage Festival is an ongoing collection of videos that archive the quite surreal embodiment of some human beings, as captured on film – from dating to dancing, from funny to frightening.

The Festival’s Salute to Werdios is a specific light shine at those VHS ‘stars’ that would have found their way into the public domain a couple of decades ago, but have mercifully been gathering dust in charity shops and attics.

Until now, when they tour 11 dates across eight UK cities – which is more than most X Factor finalists.

Crippling humorous and ultimately heartbreaking, it’s possibly easy to see than to believe – click on the link below fro a taster/warning of what’s to come:

The Found Footage Salute to Weirdos – ‘Video Dating’

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is being shown at The Electric Cinema (Screen One) at 9pm on 22nd April. For further info & tickets, visit https://www.theelectric.co.uk/programme.php?film=1118

The Found Footage Festival’s Salute to Weirdos is being shown at The Electric Cinema (Screen Two) at 8:20pm on 22nd April. For further info & tickets, visit https://www.theelectric.co.uk/programme.php?film=1108

For more from The Electric Cinema, visit https://www.theelectric.co.uk/


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