BPREVIEW: Eleanor Dattani & the LEDs @ The Sun at the Station 26/07/15

Under-the-Tree-SessionsOn Sunday 26th July, Eleanor Dattani & the LEDs will be playing at The Sun at the Station in Kings Heath – performing in the venue’s raised beer garden.

Presented by NAMU, as part of their Under the Tree Sessions, doors are open as per the venue’s licensing hours – with UtT taking place between 6-9pm. Entry is free. Birmingham Preview

Ellie (press release) or Eleanor (website) Dattani is a veritable songstress. Nostalgic and cheeky, Ms D is one of the brighter colours on Birmingham’s singer/songwriter/storyteller chalkboard. Cue references to Abi Budgen and comparisons to Joni Mitchell…

Who the LEDs are Birmingham Review does not know. They may be lights on an elaborate outfit, backing singers made of fairy lights, or a dance troupe of forty wearing those flashing Nike running shoes. Neither Google nor I can say. But if it’s not costing you a bean then it’s no hardship to find out on the night. Unless it’s the dance troupe.

Eleanor Dattani (until told otherwise) is worth checking out for a door charge regardless, with cross genre surprises filtering between confident finger plucked tales – so to get the weekend freebie is a good place to start from. Her Folsky Calypso Acoustic Reggae (©Birmingham Review) would work especially well if the sun shines on Sunday.

But the extra cherry on this Sunday is the venue; The Sun at the Station have bSun-at-the-Station-logoeen throwing some serious weight behind their events calendar, and the places they place it, and are building (if not built) a beautiful hub of creative endeavor. Good stuff, from mouths & instruments. We recommend you should all go and check it out for yourselves, every last human that can – pack the pace out until the rafters and walls politely call time. Then tell us what you think.

Plus the beer-garden-outdoor-arena-back-raised-venue-patio-area (with benches, flowers & colouful things) is a little hidden gem at the far end of Kings Heath high street, worth going for in itself. Made for a summer Sunday.

Birmingham Review has covered indoor events at The Sun at the Station, with a production value that has been unsurpassed so far on our suburban trawls, but we reckon the literal sessions under a tree will be one step more awesome. It’s not often that Birmingham Review uses American hyperbole. But, so, like, it’s totally cool to hang out there…

Have a stop, look & listen to Eleanor Dattani – playing her latest single, ‘Funny Side’ (Feb ’15). Although we further recommend a quick trip to Soundcloud and a listen to ‘Lift Yourself Up’‘Ellysium2’.

‘Funny Side’ – by Eleanor Dattani

Eleanor Dattani & the LEDs come to The Sun at the Station in Kings Heath on Sunday 26th July, performing as part of their Under the Tree Sessions – presented by NAMU.

The Sun at the Station is open as per its regular licensing hours, with the Under the Tree Sessions taking place between 6-9pm. Entry is free. 

For more on Eleanor Dattani, visit http://www.eleanordattani.com/

For more from The Sun at the Station, visit http://www.thesunatthestation.co.uk/