MØTE Do Indie Grooves At The Sunflower Lounge On 29 April

Writer Tabitha Green / Photographer Erin Connolly

“I want to channel the artists of the 70s who were all about performance, you know?” MØTE frontman Alex tells me when I ask about his musical inspirations. The word “performance” buzzes around my brain as I watch the local indie-pop fivesome bring their first UK tour to a glittering close at new music hotspot The Sunflower Lounge.

Having just released their debut EP, the band exudes a contagious feeling of excitement that translates into a charming show.

With MØTE receiving support from fellow Birmingham artists Eliza May and Humantide, the night acts as a real showcase of up-and-coming local talent. Eliza May’s sweet, upbeat indie pop melodies starkly contrast with the darker punk offerings of Humantide, but I find myself impressed with both.

“They remind me a bit of Nirvana”, says a smiling audience-member as Humantide thrash and shred.

Half of MØTE casually walk through the audience and take their places on stage at a late start time of 9:45pm. A funky instrumental jam begins, and I find myself unable to resist the urge to dance. Where are the rest of the band? I wonder to myself as movement takes hold.

As if on cue, vocalists Alex and Lauren appear like sparkling beacons. Alex boasts a sequin jumpsuit and face of silver face paint, with Lauren slightly more demure in a sequin dress.

Alex is no doubt a frontman – he has a notable stage presence that really heightens the effect of the music. His rich, belting vocals perfectly balance out Lauren’s lilting, delicate tones, and this dynamic seems to shape the band’s sound. As the set progresses, I notice that the songs fluctuate between groovy dance numbers and slower, more guitar-driven numbers. Lead guitarist Joe is particularly impressive, often launching into solos that make me sharply inhale.

I really enjoy the entirety of the set – MØTE remind me that our local indie scene is ready to flourish again, and with a little polishing I suspect good things are coming for this band in particular.

You can listen to MØTE’s on Spotify here: www.open.spotify.com/artist/7DVeDIk9voXgBTLggANwcA 

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