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PREVIEW: ICE – by ACE Dance and Music @ MAC Theatre, 24th & 25th Nov

‘Ice looks at spirit, animism and the spark from within, exploring the moment when we cross over and become something else. Do we lose ourselves? Or do we still believe we’re alive?’ And if you’ll all join me for the chorus… ‘WHAT????’ The above confused purple is how the MAC website sells ICE, the latest […]

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PREVIEW: Death Cab for Cutie @ Birmingham Ballroom – Friday Nov 18th

  Described by Atlantic Records as a ‘supportive brotherhood’, and everyone else as ‘rabidly independent’ – a troubling duplicity, Death Cab for Cutie are one of Indie Rock’s anti-celebrity success stories. Reaching significant prominence through Barsuk Records, the Seattle based Independent that signed them in 1997, tracks from their 4th studio album, Transatlanticism, were featured […]

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INTERVIEW: Jah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble

Punk wars survivor Jah Wobble is “too hot to handle” for the “world music cartel”. But the man who earned his moniker from a drunken Sid Vicious is back on the road, promoting his new Japanese Dub album with a tour of 02 Academy venues and independent European festivals. Following his acclaimed 2008 Chinese Dub […]

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Ed’s… Highlights – July ’10

The Summer solstice has passed. VW’s are leaving Salisbury Hill and flip flop sales are fighting recession. It can only mean one thing… FESTIVAL SEASON!!!!! I don’t usually endorse exclaimation marks but with promoters risking millions it’s the least I can do. That and give the big local three a push. Global Gathering / July […]

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Ozzy Osborne interview - 26.06.10 / Paul Ward

INTERVIEW: Ozzy Osborne

    Words by Ed King / Pics by Paul Ward Everybody’s waiting. The media in a corridor upstairs, the fans against the railings downstairs. Gargantuan pillars of security standing stoic in the middle. We were all told to ‘be here by 1pm sharp’ but there’s been queues on the street for over 36 hours. Why? […]

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