‘Animals’ – directed by Lauren Hatchard, with costumes by Emily Meades

Aliendance2 - sm, crop

ED’S NOTE: Costume designer, Emily Meades, recently sent us a link to a music video she’s been working on; set to the Muse track ‘Animals’, from their new album – ‘The 2nd Law’.

Meades is entering the video into a competition – where the winner will receive £3,000 and have their video uploaded to the Muse website and YouTube channel’, and was hoping to push its profile and pick up some online votes.

Now as a rule, Birmingham Review will not publish unsolicited promos; but heartily respects self established projects.

What to do…

Introducing D.I.Y – a new section of Birmingham Review Online, where we publish the work of people who get out there and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.

So, have a look at ‘Animals’, directed by Lauren Hatchard, and follow the links to comment or vote:

We also asked Emily Meades for an (empurple free) explanation of the project:

The visual storyline, to go along with the underlying capitalist themes of the song, follows the activities of two aliens. The first is an alien scientist, who discovers Earth under her microscope. The second alien is a stock broker working at an intergalactic stock market, buying and selling shares in planets and parts of the universe.

This newly discovered planet, ’Earth’, is considered hot new property on the intergalactic stock market and the alien broker decides to pour all of his shares in to our little blue planet.

Upon realising that this planet is not what it was initially thought to be, and that it is ultimately a negative energy, destined for failure, he realises that he is about to lose everything and tries to sell his shares in the Earth. But he cannot.  Planet Earth is appearing as worthless and he has potentially lost everything.

At a glance planet earth might appear to be a good investment, but would you invest?”

To watch and vote for ‘Animals’ by Lauren Hatchard, visit http://genero.tv/watch-video/35049/

For more on the Muse competition, organised by Genero, visit http://genero.tv/muse

For more on the video’s director, Lauren Hatchard, visit http://laurenhatchard.co.uk/_/What_does_she_make.html