10 WORD REVIEW: Headbangers Balls – Tour Finale @ Rainbow Warehouse, Sat Aug 17th

Headbangers Balls Tour 2012 - promo poster

Pics by Katie Foulkes

With a twelve band line up, that sounds like the foot notes of Patrick Bateman’s sketch pad, the Headbangers Balls UK 2013 tour came to end last weekend.

Crashing into the walls of the Rainbow Warehouse on Sat 17th August, this twelve date UK tour began just over a month before in Cardiff.

E_Headbanger's Ball_170813 (077) - LR

Organised by Reign of Fury, the partly Midlands based thrash Metal band, the Headbangers Balls tour raised funds and awareness to tackle testicular cancer; something Reign of Fury vocalist, Bison Steed, has been clear of since he was diagnosed and treated for the cancer back in 2008.

E_Headbanger's Ball_170813 (071) - LRE_Headbanger's Ball_170813 (032) - LR

Testicular cancer can be a serious killer amongst men of all ages, with a high risk of spreading if not caught early. For more information on testicular cancer please consult your GP or a healthcare professional, although a lot of initial information can be found online – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/type/testicular-cancer/

The Headbangers Balls – Tour Finale, held at the Rainbow Warehouse on Saturday Aug 17th, featured: Beholder, I am I, Reign of Fury, Hanging Doll, Bull-Riff Stamped, Sates Panic, A Thousand Enemies, Zocalo, Incinery, Blackballed, Fury, Under Blackened Skies.

Over 60 bands played as part of the Headbangers Balls 2013 tour, which visited twelve UK cities from Glasgow to Plymouth.

Katie Foulkes was at the Headbangers Balls – Tour Finale for a Birmingham 10 Word Review


E_Headbanger's Ball (059) Zocalo - Sarah & Pete 'It's just a family of like minded people coming  LR

Zocalo / Pete & Sarah – “It’s just a family of like minded people coming together for a great cause and a great time.”


E_Headbanger's Ball (060) Joe & Heidi 'We've had a really good day and eveyone's so friendly' - LR

Joe & Heidi – “We’ve had a really good day and everyone’s so friendly.”


E_Headbanger's Ball (065) DJ Squatter 'I became a DJ because of this tour' LR

TBFM Online Radio‘s DJ Squatter – “I became a DJ because of this tour”


For more on the Headbangers’ Balls, visit http://www.headbangersballs.co.uk

For more on Reign of Fury, visit http://www.reignoffury.co.uk/

For more on the Rainbow Venues, visit http://www.therainbowvenues.co.uk