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OPINION: I wish it could be Christmas... / Ed King

OPINION: I wish it could be Christmas…

    Words & lead pic by Ed King ‘As long as that’s here, I’ll be OK. I can drink that; by the time the line gets below the bottom of the red shield, past the emblems, the cursive and the thick bold type, I’ll feel OK. I don’t need a mixer but I have orange […]

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Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16

OPINION: Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16 ‘Illuminate your true self’

Words by Joëlle O’Toole The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus; the charm, charisma and beauty bestowed on those with prominent Libra chart placements are discernible, notable and characteristically Venusian. To me, Libra is Venus ruled – although some disagree with this. Aries is unquestionably ruled by Mars. This is the only axis in […]

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