BPREVIEW: Music for Airports @ 6/8 Kafe (Temple Row) 13.05

Music for Airport @ Kafe 6/8 13.05On Friday 13th May 6/8 Kafe will be hosting a live music event of the Brum Radio show Music for Airports – all the way downstairs in their blood boiled basement of dark deeds & dread. Well, downstairs. In a room. Which is probably lovely. But it is Friday 13th, so…Main with web colour bcg - lr

What I can tell you (without the Hammer Horror hyperbole) is that 6/8 Kafe serves possibly the best coffee in the city. This is subject to further research, of course; but this stuff (not sure it’s just coffee) is so good I’m only 90% confident it would pass a road side enquiry. So if 6/8 Kafe’s event programme is even a halfway measure to what they stick in a cup and call cappuccino, you’ll be fine on Friday night. And probably a little high on the inside.

I can also tell you that the Music for Airports live event, featuring sets from HE IS A PEGASUS, Lee Endres + Layla Tutt, is being organised by Brum Radio – to raise some well received Sterling for the fledgling Birmingham broadcaster.  Door charge is a suggested donation of £3, with both coffee & beer on offer. And maybe a Peel & Stone pastry.

Brum Radio is an ambitious grassroots project, set up not so long ago, with a firm (possibly too firm) grip on its proverbial civic pride. But the station has certainly put its mouth where its money is – with fundraisers like this both a cheap and cheerful way of everyone avoiding the Arts Council. Which is the creative sustainability our red brick warriors, arm chair economists, and Facebook headaches are CONSTANTLY SHOUTING ABOUT. So, you know, ‘represent’ Brummies. Or whatever colloquialism compels you to stick your hand in your pocket money these days.

So, Friday 13th May, Music for Airportslive event at 6/8 Kafe… who’s on?

Brum Radio logoFirst up, we have HE IS A PEGASUS – the grammatically questionable ‘solo project of 24 year old multi-instrumentalist, David Butler.’ Citing Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and Radiohead as influences (I’d throw a bit of Mogwai in there too) this self professed ‘one man band’ won Help Musicians UK & Pledge Music’s ‘Emerging Artist of 2016’ award.

HE IS A PEGASUS is also on the cusp of a new EP ‘working with the Kink’s former producer’ – the single, ‘TALONS’, is out on 20th May.

For more on HE IS A PEGASUS, visit http://heisapegasus.bandcamp.com/releases


Next up, is Lee Endres – a pretty familiar face at 6/8 Kafe, one third of the now defunct (…we assume?) Kid Korandi, and a mellifluous gentle voiced giant on the softer side of six strings. Singer/songwriters come and go, but from the little there is in the public domain from Mr Endres we are keen for him to stick around for a bit. At least until Saturday, then we can see him play live.

But in the meantime we strongly suggest you watch the man in action – performing an acoustic rendition of his song ‘Morning Sun’, recorded at the best bar in Stourbridge.

For more on Lee Endres (and the aforementioned video of ‘Morning Sun’) visit https://youtu.be/zKajoWVp83g


68 Kafe logoLast up, we have Layla Tutt – as close as you’re going to get to being PJ Harvey without actually being PJ Harvey. This. Girl. Rocks. And to watch her thrash it out on an acoustic guitar… it’s quite a thing. Also one third of The Phlox of Pink, this self professed ‘lover of assonance and dissonance’ has quite a range of psychedelic folk to rock in her arsenal.

But Birmingham Review has not, yet, to our ailing and addled mind, seen her perform live – despite the name rattling around our editorial grey matter for a while now. Layla Tutt’s set may well be the more auspicious side of all this triskaidekaphobia; we wait with genuinely baited breath.

For more on Layla Tutt, visit https://soundcloud.com/laylatutt


Music for Airports hosts its live event & Brum Radio fundraiser at 6/8 Kafe on Friday 13th May – with a suggested donation of £3 on the door. For direct event info, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/478675435656846/

For more on 6/8 Kafe, visit http://sixeightkafe.co.uk/

For more on Brum Radio, visit http://brumradio.com/

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