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My Friend Dahmer - film banner

BREVIEW: My Friend Dahmer 01.06.18

Words by Ashleigh Goodwin When asking the ‘average’ person what their interests are, we’ve all heard the standard pastimes rattled off: socialising with friends and family, sporting activities, travelling, having a pint at the pub… And as I enter into the world of professionalism and small talk, I’ve realised this is a safe, relatable, and […]

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BREVIEW: MK ULTRA @ REP 17.03.17 / Brian Slater


Words by Charlotte Heap / Production pics by Brian Slater  THIS IS FAKE THEATRE. The commencing proclamation of Rosie Kay Dance Company’s MK ULTRA raised a snigger from the REP audience, steeped as we are in “alternative facts”. Named after Rosie Kay’s favourite conspiracy theory, MK ULTRA explores the occult in pop culture: shining a […]

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BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

BREVIEW: BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

Words by Heather Kincaid / Pics courtesy of BE Festival As events got underway on Friday 24 June at this year’s Birmingham European Festival, the atmosphere in the buzzing Festival Hub was noticeably different from the three preceding days. Where a mood of apprehensive optimism had prevailed before, now anxious faces engaged in animated discussions, […]

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Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16

OPINION: Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16 ‘Illuminate your true self’

Words by Joëlle O’Toole The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus; the charm, charisma and beauty bestowed on those with prominent Libra chart placements are discernible, notable and characteristically Venusian. To me, Libra is Venus ruled – although some disagree with this. Aries is unquestionably ruled by Mars. This is the only axis in […]

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Victories at Sea / By Joëlle O’Toole - Birmingham Review

BREVIEW: Victories at Sea @ Hare & Hounds 21.01.16

      Words by Helen Knott / Pics by Joëlle O’Toole Victories at Sea have an eye for detail. They are fastidious about everything, from the sound of their snare drum to their matching black clothes. It’s the main reason it took them almost six years to release their debut album, Everything Forever, as […]

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