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Shaved head Boom Town - LEAD IMAGE (portrait) - lr

FEATURE: Folk of Boomtown

Ed’s note… The call went out, ‘we’re looking for musicians to do festival reportage…’ and after a thousand requests for Glastonbury tickets, we found Katherine Priddy – curious about Boomtown. We were curious too. Birmingham Review had covered Katherine Priddy at both a Folk for Free gig and supporting Scott Matthews, and I liked the idea of sending […]

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FEATURE: In The Further Soil, report from Mumbai

SAMPAD, the Birmingham based proliferators of South Asian music, arts and dance, have teamed up with the British Council India in an internationally reaching agenda of cross collaboration. In The Further Soil is an original piece of musical theatre, directed by Harmage Singh Kalirai and devised by Indian and UK artists, that celebrates the rich […]

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FEATURE: The festival effect, what happens when the crowds come to town

Since the 1960’s the music festival phenomenon has been taking over UK summers. From Glastonbury to The Secret Garden, promoters battle it out across an increasingly competitive market, convincing thousands of punters to pay the price of a holiday for a few days in a field. But what of the people next door? The small […]

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REPORT: Global Gathering’s decade dissection

A decade of Global Gatherings has seen everything from the red arrows to a parachuting hamster land at Long Marston. Celebrating double figures this July, headline acts Dizzee Rascal and Faithless join the world’s DJ fraternity for another round with the UK’s dance music festival heavyweight. Now twice as long and three times as big, […]

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