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Whitney @ Hare & Hounds 23/08/16

BREVIEW: Whitney @ Hare & Hounds, 23.08

Words by Graeme Elliott For a band which created such laid back music, Whitney are hard working bunch – touring heavily in support of their debut album Light Upon the Lake. The hard work is definitely paying off though as Hare & Hounds is packed; there is palpable excitement in the room as the audience […]

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The Flyover Show @ Hockley Circus (underneath the Hockley flyover) 20.08.16 / By Michelle Martin © Birmingham Review

BREVIEW: The Flyover Show 2016 @ Hockley Circus (underneath Hockley Flyover) 20.08

Words by Ed King / Pics by Michelle Martin (Visual Voice Media) One of the great things about The Flyover Show is the roof. Sounds odd, but as I stare out of my bathroom window at sheets of early morning rain knowing I’ll be spending the rest of the day with the B4100 as an […]

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YR Welcome 3 @ Wagon & Horses 13-14.08.16 / By Michelle Martin (Visual Voice Media)

BREVIEW: YR Welcome 3 @ Wagon & Horses 13-14.08

Words by Helen Knott / Pics by Michelle Martin (Visual Voice Media) YR Welcome, Die Das Der’s two day festival, has reached its third incarnation. The format works to perfection – over two days and two stages you’re treated to an onslaught of 30-minute sets from some of the best bands around, all while hanging out […]

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The Hungry Ghosts @ The Sunflower Lounge 06.07.16 / By Rob Hadley (Indie Images)

BREVIEW: The Hungry Ghosts @ The Sunflower Lounge 06.07.16

Words by Ed King / Pics by Rob Hadley (Indie Images) I have a problem with ‘thank you’. When I write something – a review, a feature or an opinion piece, it’s autonomous. To thank me for it implies I did something supportive, or helpful, or (god forbid) kind. I didn’t. I don’t. Writing is […]

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BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

BREVIEW: BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

Words by Heather Kincaid / Pics courtesy of BE Festival As events got underway on Friday 24 June at this year’s Birmingham European Festival, the atmosphere in the buzzing Festival Hub was noticeably different from the three preceding days. Where a mood of apprehensive optimism had prevailed before, now anxious faces engaged in animated discussions, […]

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