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Spud @ Spear Studio - by Katja Ogrin - 9x6A Birmingham Tattoo
Birmingham hosts a growing tattoo industry, in both size and reputation, with an array of internationally recognised artists developing their art in the city. John Noblet follows Birmingham’s tattoo scene, profiling artists & studios around the city – alongside a few who creep along its borders.

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Psycho - Film poster - 9x6Film Club
Jonathan Glen follows the Birmingham film & cinema scene; from p/reviews of national releases being showcased in the city, to grass roots productions springing up on our streets. When the time is right Birmingham Review wants to evolve this into a regular Film Club with our own Mr Glen at the helm – so probably not many Liam Neeson thrillers.

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Rhiannon Mair @ Ort Cafe, Sat 1st Mar '14 - by Spence CaterThe Gallery
Birmingham Review has been blessed by some fantastic photographers, and knows more that work in the city without the appreciation they deserve. So we’re building The Gallery – a place to exhibit, showcase & promote** shots from our regular & favourite contributors, with a note from our editor about each shoot.

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