Paid for Content

Butterfly screen break - lr - smEd’s note… Birmingham Review champions Paid for Content – a media model that pays its contributors, whilst encouraging the reader to pay for the content they receive. Like buying a book, a newspaper, or subscribing to a magazine.

The Internet is the wheel of our generation, but on occasions we run before walking and the creative industries (who have been known to suffer from commercial self doubt) too often throw themselves into cyber space forgetting they still need to eat.

But, and it’s a BIG BUT (I cannot lie), the Internet allows a bedroom blogger to reach people around the world, it allows you to cross reference through the world’s biggest library, it allows emails, Google searches, Facebook, Skype and all the backbones of modern living we have so quickly adopted. “What do you mean you don’t have wi-fi???”

And it allows us to publish Birmingham Review. So it’s a balance, one I’m both personally and professionally excited to be part of; but to sustain it we need money. Or to be more precise we need your money. Not all of it, not even lots of it (although…) but some.

Below are a few easy ways you can help:

PfC - web bgc - 72dpi - e2e - Mustard - smGOLD COIN MEMBERSHIP: Not open yet, but Birmingham Review will be launching a GOLD COIN MEMBERSHIP; where a monthly subscription gets you a barrage of added content and extras. We’re currently stockpiling an arsenal of bribery.


SILVER COIN STATUS: Birmingham Review’s SILVER COIN STATUS is simple; buying one of our periodicals, helping Support Our Stories – click here, or even just a donation (or tip, like in a restaurant). We’ll accept anything but Linden Dollars.

PfC - web bgc - 72dpi - e2e - Red - smSORRY, NO CHANGE: We don’t expect everyone to pay for everything, and there are very welcome ways you can support Birmingham Review for free. Here’s a couple of ideas if you’re strapped for cash:

1) Tell a friend – sounds obvious, but word of mouth is incredibly valuable. So read Birmingham Review and tell someone about it. In fact we challenge you; one day a month tell 5 people about something you’ve seen on Birmingham Review. Good, bad, dull or funny; simply spread the word.

2) Have mag, will travel – we pay good people good money to distribute our periodical, but you can help us out with this too. Just pick up a copy, read it, and give it to someone else. Simples.

3) Write to reply – feedback is an important part of Birmingham Review, so let us know… well, whatever you want us to know. To support us in perhaps the simplest way of all, just write to reply