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Contribute by…

Birmingham Review is looking for contributors. If you’re a writer, photographer, poet, illustrator, or have something else up your sleeve, we’d love to hear from you.

Our main focus is arts & culture, with some opinion thrown in; anything worth publishing from a Birmingham viewpoint.

But the simplest first steps will be one of the below:

P/REVIEW: Our rolling content of event pre & reviews, with the latter being what we’re after from new contributors. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to hate it; honest, intelligent content is what we’re after. And if “my mate’s band are playing on…” you could well run into problems.

OPINION: Editorials, from anyone with something worth saying. A Birmingham focus or beyond, just remember what the name of the publication is – clue’s in the title. PR driven spokespeople will be considered with valid (i.e. not purely campaign directed) content.

PHOTOGRAPHY – EVENTS: Birmingham Review works with some cracking photographers, but if you’ve got something slick to show us there could be room for more. The main image support we need is for event reviews but we like to work on longer/larger projects too – email our editor to discuss any individual pitches.

*Birmingham Review is looking for pertinent content, not something that fits to a commercial or controlled agenda. It’s not 1984 yet – but please bear this in mind when pitching yourself or your story. PR is not a dirty word if you deliver it correctly.*

And there could be gold at the end of the rainbow. To learn more about Birmingham Review’s 3 tier endorsement for contributors, visit our Contribute for… page.

For all contributor inquiries, email

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