Meet Birmingham Review’s regular contributors & editorial team. 

Helen Knott - contributors profile pic - E#1 - 12hHelen Knott / Music

Steering our music content, Helen Knott is one of the longest standing contributors to Birmingham Review. With a smorgasbord taste for all things live & loud, Helen has reviewed a rainbow of genres for BR – from the eclectic foot tapping of a Supersonic Festival, through the polite avant garde of Julia Holter, to the unashamed Punk Rock punches of Richie Ramone. And if you look closely at the audience of a This Is Tmrw gig…

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Olly with Stormtrooper - framed - 12hOlly MacNamee / Events

From shouting at Public Enemy to chilling out with Deadpool and the creator of Iron Man, Olly MacNamee has worked his way around the editorial board at Birmingham Review. Now in charge of Events, Olly keeps us up to speed on the creative great & good that can be found in the city – from Comic Cons to Street Art Treasure Hunts (with the occasional Killing Joke gig thrown in).

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Sasha Holt - contributors profile pic #1 - E#1 - 12hSasha Holt / Fashion

Found skulking around the foyer of a Spice World screening… Sasha Holt is the bastion of fashion at Birmingham Review, and thankfully more encouragingly acerbic than irritatingly Ab Fab. The first fashion contributor to Birmingham Review, Sasha cut her teeth with some superb coverage of the Clothes Show Live ’15 and continues to steer the Good Ship BR into more colourful waters.

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Michelle Martin - contributors profile pic #2 - E#1 - 12hMichelle Martin / Photographer

A stalwart member of Birmingham Review, Michelle Martin has been shooting gigs, events and everything in between since we found her at a Bipolar Sunshine gig. There is no escape, apparently. A beautiful documentary photographer, with an eerie ability to blag her way onto high profile red carpets, Michelle is also the only person at BR who could survive five hours being driven through Snowdonia by our editor. At night. Without a Sat Nav. True grit…

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Joelle2 - E#1 - 12h

Joëlle O’Toole / Photographer

Joëlle O’Toole is one of the latest live gig photographers to regularly contribute to Birmingham Review, with an uncanny ability to shoot venues that send others into a pit of aperture despair. A musician in her own right, with a compassionate eye for washed lights and soft profiles, Joëlle has helped add grace to Birmingham Review’s live gig portfolio – as well as supporting several of our more print aimed endeavours.

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Ed King E#1 - 12hEd King / Editor

Founding Birmingham Review through a progressive misanthropy, Ed King has been working across the city’s entertainment scene for several years. And a as long standing member of ‘the dark side’, Ed understands the challenges of grass roots publicity, autonomous copy and the pressures of press accreditation – albeit, sometimes, with limited sympathy. He also suffers from a violent allergic reaction to most adverbs and exclamation marks.

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Other contributors: Rob Hadley, Ed Taylor, Harry Mills, Katherine Priddy, John Noblet, Steve Zacharanda, Robert Kornreich, Paul Reynolds, Ella Carman, Katie Foulkes

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