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Katherine Priddy #1 - SM

REVIEW: Katherine Priddy @ Folk for Free, Symphony Hall Café Bar, 28th Feb

Words & pics by Charlotte Rose I find myself brimming with a certain amount of ‘Brummie Pride’ when I visit the Symphony Hall. I can’t help but get caught up in the buzz; and that’s without even stepping foot inside the magnificent main hall. And tonight is no exception, as I arrive there is a […]

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REVIEW: Martha Tilston @ Kitchen Garden Café, Feb 24th

Words by Ed King With frozen toes and a full moon, I wait for the No 50 bus; watching two ‘hoodies’ talk in sign language outside the back entrance to Selfridges. A young girl, with bruised legs and a suitcase, smokes angrily behind me. The old man in front curses at taxis. Birmingham, I think, […]

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Katherine Priddy @ MFF

PREVIEW: Katherine Priddy @ Folk for Free, Symphony Hall Café Bar, Feb 28th

As part of the annual events programme from the Moseley Folk Festival, Katherine Priddy will be performing at the Symphony Hall Cafe Bar on Thursday Feb 28th. Admission, in case you hadn’t clocked it, is free. Hailing from ‘the English countryside’, Katherine Priddy has been playing music since her ‘dad used to leave the guitar […]

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PREVIEW: Martha Tilston @ Kitchen Garden Café, Feb 24th

Folk singer/songwriter, Martha Tislton, is coming back to Birmingham, playing at the Kitchen Garden Café on Sunday February 24th. In the city at the tail end of her five date tour, the Cornwall based artist is promoting her third solo album, ‘Machines of Love and Grace’. Taking its name from the 1967 poem by Richard […]

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REVIEW: Nerina Pallot @ The Glee Club, Feb 17th

Words by Ed King / Pictures by Katja Ogrin It’s the first Sunday after the Big Smooch, and Nerina Pallot is closing her ‘Lonely Valentine Club’ tour at the Birmingham Glee Club. An auspicious day for several reasons, I walk through a deserted City Centre muttering my journalistic mantra – “objectivity, objectivity, objectivity”; reiterating my […]

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