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IN BRIEF: A Unique Surprise

Local singer/songwriter Unique, aka Natasha Brown, has found a new platform to showcase local musicians and lyricists. Under the banner Let’s Not Pretend, Unique has organised unannounced jam sessions along various bus routes across the city. “We came up with the idea after coming back from playing at The Yardbird in town,” says Unique, “I […]

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Anthony Tattum, Managing Director at Big Cat

OPINION: Has the new HMV Institute got what it takes? – by Anthony Tattum

Marketing an event or a venue starts way before the first press release is emailed out, even before the designer gets the brief to create a good looking ad. Marketing begins before the talent has been booked or the first lick of paint is applied to recently plastered walls. This is because the product and […]

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INTERVIEW: Soweto Kinch

The New Emancipation is the latest body of work from Jazz/Hip Hop saxophonist and lyricist, Soweto Kinch. Released on September 27th The New Emancipation explores just what its moniker describes, with Kinch focused on what he sees as the shackles of modernity. “It (The New Emancipation) takes its inspiration from the history of emancipation and […]

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NEWS: An institution reopens

The HMV Institute is open for business. Digbeth’s historical venue has hosted tea dances to techno and most things in between. But previously marred by management issues, crippling maintenance costs and an awkward layout to capacity ratio, the prominent Eastside venue has changed direction more than most in the city. Now with three bold new […]

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FEATURE: The festival effect, what happens when the crowds come to town

Since the 1960’s the music festival phenomenon has been taking over UK summers. From Glastonbury to The Secret Garden, promoters battle it out across an increasingly competitive market, convincing thousands of punters to pay the price of a holiday for a few days in a field. But what of the people next door? The small […]

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