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Pura Vida Conspiricy - Gogo Bordello

ALBUM: Pura Vida Conspiracy / by Gogol Bordello

Review by John Noblet It would be impossible to write this review without a full disclosure. Seven years ago I heard the song ‘Wanderlust King’ by Gogol Bordello and it completely changed my life. Not only did the album it came from (Super Taranta) have a massive effect on the music I make and the band I […]

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Victories for the Monsters

ALBUM: Victory for the Monsters / by Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos

Words by Katherine Priddy Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos are not a band for those of a fragile disposition. With raucous vocals, loud (and sometimes manic) trombone and fiddle solos, alongside lyrics centred on alcohol, revolution and anarchy, they’re a self-proclaimed ‘overexcited invitation to party’ and a ‘declaration of war on the forces of […]

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160713 (26 of 34) erica (2) - LR

REVIEW: Erica Nockalls, Miles Hunt, Laura Kidd @ Hare & Hounds, 16th July

Words by John Noblet / Pics by Jonathan Morgan The combination of one man and an acoustic guitar can be an unadulterated recipe for boredom, especially if the man in question is playing a ‘rarities’ set. Luckily, tonight, that man is Miles Hunt, leader of reformed Black Country indie disco faves The Wonder Stuff. The Hare & […]

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Nile Rodgers & Chic

REVIEW: Mostly Jazz, Part 2 – Sun July 7th

Words by Matthew Osborne The final day of the Mostly Jazz Festival was significantly calmer and less messy than the one preceding it. On a personal level, I was a lot more sober; with the rest of the steadily gathering crowd also nursing bad heads from the Craig Charles after party at The Hare & […]

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E2_The Bull's Head_Moseley_120713 (023) - LR

REVIEW: Freestyle @ The Bull’s Head, July 12th / Keziasoul + Yoji + Call Me Unique

  Words by Ed King / Pics by Katie Foulkes “I think its Jelly Beans,” explains Unique – offering an acute example of her very real (albeit unusual) phobia. “Me and the bottom floor of Selfridges,” a pause and look of reflected consternation, “…no.” I decide to Google ‘fear of sweets’ later, it’s too nice […]

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