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REVIEW: Hot Club de Swing – Festival Tea Party @ Hare & Hounds, June 21st

Review by Katherine Priddy / Pics by Katie Foulkes It’s a balmy summer’s eve with blue skies and a warm breeze, the first in a while, and as I get ready with the window open I can smell a BBQ coming from somewhere up the road. It’s a tempting night to be outside, and not […]

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The C@ in the H@ - Hot Club de Swing

PREVIEW: Hot Club de Swing – Festival Tea Party @ Hare & Hounds, June 21st

Preview by Matthew Osborne Last month Swingamajig, ‘the UK’s first one day urban festival dedicated to Electro Swing, Gypsy Folk and vintage mayhem’, hit the streets of Digbeth. A fairly low profile event, talked about in excitable whispers between fans of electro-swing and dressing up in the weeks leading up to it, Swingamajig was well […]

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ALBUM: Kveikur – Sigur Rós

Review by Matthew Osborne I got quite excited about this album, when early press releases claimed it marked a return to form for Sigur Rós. Excited enough to order the big megatron jumbo copy from the band’s website – the version with an extra disc and T-Shirt. So excited, in fact, I managed to overlook […]

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REVIEW: Lucy Rose @ The Institute, May 27th

Words by Ed King / Pics by Katie Foulkes It was Morrison’s ‘only friend’. Editors reminded it also ‘has a start’. It’s the last stop on tethers, roads, lines and patience. And bank holidays, which is my rather ham handed segue into the timing of this review. The place, The Institute – who’s posthumous prefix […]

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Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

ALBUM: ‘Mosquito’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Words by Matthew Osborne Ask any adult film director, and they will tell you that the golden rule of ‘artistic expression’ is never blow your load in the first three minutes. This inspired wisdom should have filtered into the higher echelons of artistic mediums, but either the news hasn’t seeped up as far as pop […]

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