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REVIEW: Carina Round, Hare & Hounds – 8.6.11

Carina Round – photo by Paul Ward It’s been two years since Carina Round performed in Birmingham, with a mid week Hare & Hounds gig one of only two UK shows the singer/songwriter has booked for 2011. Supported by the truly sensational Vijay Kishore and the unfortunately forgettable Dan Whitehouse, the H&H’s main room was […]

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Ed’s… Highlights – June ’11

As we roll midway through our nation’s most esoteric of concepts, the official British Summer Time, there’s a few things you can count on. Rain. 20% off at Millets, and extortionate festivals. But if you don’t want to remortgage a kidney for good tunes this June, here’s some of our city’s more accessible ear candy. […]

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